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Here at Southwest Endocrinology, our Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Program is Nationally Recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for patient education!

The ADA endorses the National Standards to promote quality education for all people with diabetes. Self-management education is the cornerstone of care for all persons with diabetes who want to achieve successful health related outcomes.

National Recognition guides us to structure our program according to 10 standards. Some of these standards include having: a Mission Statement and goals, a plan to meet our target population's needs, an Oversight Committee and an Annual Review process, a Program Coordinator and instructors current in therapeutic interventions, and an Educational Program that meets the ten Core Curriculum content areas.

At Southwest Endocrinology Associates we feel that education is the key to successful management of diabetes. We provide a structured, personalized, patient-centered approach that is easy to understand and incorporate into your daily life.

Our diabetes education program is structured in packages to target specific educational needs. We focus on the ADA, HEDIS and NCQA standards of care and deliver a comprehensive education curriculum to our patients. Classes may be include individual consultations and group education sessions.

Our curriculum is regularly re-evaluated to ensure that we are providing the latest in self management training.  Ideally, your program will begin immediately after you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Our team of trained specialists will provide you with the care, education and emotional support you will need as you adjust to living a healthy life with diabetes.

Together we will work through understanding the disease process and strategies for preventing some of the more common complications.  We will discuss dietary requirements, exercise programs, medications and their effects, as well as learning ways to reduce the impact of diabetes on your daily life.


Diabetes Classes:

CalendarFree "Pumpers R Us Meeting" - Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Diabetes Class Schedules:

CalendarDiabetes Class Schedule; February - April, 2012 (class times are subject to change)

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