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At Southwest Endocrinology Associates we offer a variety of self care and education programs.  Our focus is on combining a holistic approach to medical care and patient education to achieve better health and mental wellbeing.

Diabetes Education Program

The Diabetes Center provides comprehensive diabetes education for patients. The program is designed to enhance patient care by promoting better self-management and an awareness of the diabetes disease process.

The program is supervised by Robert T. Ferraro, MD, a board certified endocrinologist. It is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and complies with all NCQA, ADA and HEDIS guidelines.

Entry into diabetes classes is by referral from a Southwest Endocrinology Associates provider. Patients are managed collaboratively by both the physician and the diabetes educator, enhancing the effectiveness of the education program through comprehensive disease management. Please refer to the calendar for class availability.

The program offers education packages designed specifically to address each patientís diagnosis and risk factors. We provide comprehensive support for patients participating in our programs through telephone access to medical professionals as well as membership in our free diabetes support group. The diabetes educator may be contacted by calling (505) 872-1002 ext. 107.

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