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At Southwest Endocrinology Associates we offer a variety of self care and education programs.  Our focus is on combining a holistic approach to medical care and patient education to achieve better health and mental wellbeing.

Weight Management Program

Our highly successful Weight Management Center provides a medical team approach to weight management. We provide patients with the necessary skills to achieve and maintain long-term weight loss.

Our philosophy is that being overweight is a chronic disease that requires long-term support for long-term success, and it is designed to help you feel better, enjoy life, and improve your health.

To assist our patients reach their weight goals, we offer a variety of individual and group programs under the supervision of physicians, exercise physiologists, psychologists, nurses, mentors, and registered dietitians.

Each week we offer education classes and discussion groups facilitated by a medical team member.  These discussion groups cover topics such as exercise, nutrition, psychology, and behavior modification. OPTIFAST® Supplements are offered as an adjunct to promote a more accelerated weight loss while learning about lifestyle changes.

FREE Program Consult: Before patients begin our program, we offer a FREE consultation that provides a complete overview of our services and program. Our initial group weight loss program is two months long. Subsequent enrollments are set up in 3 month time periods, the minimum amount of time we feel we need to help clients lose weight and learn the skills and behaviors they need for long-term weight loss success. To contact us about scheduling a program consult, call (505) 872-1002.

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