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Education is the basis of all of the programs offered at Southwest Endocrinology. While all patients are working toward their personal weight goals and following an individualized treatment plan, there are tremendous benefits to be gained from attending the adult learning style education sessions held each week at the Weight Management Center. These sessions are designed to provide you with the tools and information you will need to achieve successful lifelong weight control.

The sessions provide an open forum for you to learn from medically trained and highly qualified facilitators, as well as sharing the experiences of other people in the program.

Research has demonstrated that weight management programs that offer education sessions such as ours, are far more effective at assisting people keep their weight under control for an extended period.

We believe in the value of these sessions and strongly encourage weekly attendance as part of your weight management program. Regular attendance will assist in your learning and keep you in contact with people who truly understand the difficulties that you face with regard to weight control.

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