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  Welcome to the Weight Management Center

How will our program work for you?

Using the latest medical research to help patients manage their weight and avoid serious medical problems, we offer physician supervised services and programs tailored to each person's needs.

  • Behavior modification
  • Group and individual counseling to provide education, support and encouragement
  • Physical activity and exercise counseling and education
  • Nutrition seminars to teach healthy grocery shopping and menu planning
  • Programs using prescription medications when necessary
  • Surgical options for seriously overweight patients

We offer a variety of medically supervised programs that promote weight loss of two to five pounds per week. They combine lifestyle changes, exercise and nutrition plans, and may include OPTIFAST® meal replacements.

Dedicated to safe and effective weight control

Program Information

The Southwest Endocrinology ("SWENDO") Weight Management Program is a comprehensive, medically-supervised weight loss program. We offer a variety of eating plans that promote weight loss of one to five pounds per week. Our programs are based on the latest developments in the fields of nutrition and weight control, behavior modification, exercise prescriptions and stress management. All programs include individualized eating plans, medical supervision, nutrition education and counseling, a support system, the appropriate use of selected weight loss medications and options for including use of the OPTIFAST meal replacement products.

Comprehensive Program: Our medical team teaches patients the necessary skills to achieve and maintain long-term weight loss. Our program consists of individualized evaluation and program development by a weight management team consisting of:

  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Nurse/Medical Assistants
  • Mentors

A comprehensive approach translates into success!

SWENDO Weight Management Program Highlights:

  • Comprehensive 3-month weight management program
  • Combination of one-to-one support and small group classes
  • Individualized eating plans - everyone is not on the same diet
  • Weekly support and accountability in a medically supervised environment
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