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What Can I Expect?

Many people who lose weight regain it over time. That is why sustaining weight loss is as important as losing it in the first place. Before patients begin our program, we offer a free consultation that provides a complete overview of our services. Individuals interested in continuing with us undergo assessments and screenings to ensure that the right weight management approach is selected for them. Our goal for our patients is to give them the skills and knowledge for weight management and good health for a lifetime.

Because each person is different, we create an individualized plan of care that addresses your weight problem and outlines a specific course of treatment for you. The medical team will use this plan to assist you to meet your weight goal.

Will I be Successful?

Your success depends on you. Being overweight is a lifelong problem and, while we can help you lose a significant amount of weight, maintaining your weight loss requires a lifelong commitment to the skills we will teach you.

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