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Staying on Track ("SOT")

Our core education program with over 30 topics in lifestyle modification, psychology, behavior change, physical activity and nutrition. Patients attend weekly classes and may be actively losing weight or maintaining their desired weight. Individual care management is included and may involve one-on-one sessions, telephone or e-mail contact.

After completing the "Getting on Track" 3-month program, clients are encouraged to transition into the "Staying on Track" program. This program is intended for those continuing to lose weight, as well as those individuals whose goal is weight loss maintenance. With over 30 class topics, these weekly classes focus on giving clients up-to-date tools, skills, knowledge and support they need to survive in the everyday world filled with food and lifestyle challenges. Examples of class topics include: Personal Change; Balanced Fitness; Intuitive Eating; Staying Active and Eating Out.

The Staying on Track program has been designed to give long-term weight management support, at an affordable cost. Some of our clients have been active participants for over 5 years. Individual care management and medical follow-ups are included in the program cost. These may involve one-on-one appointments, telephone and email contact to address questions, concerns, medication adjustments, prescription refills, etc. Neither a co-pay nor a current referral to our office will be required for these visits.

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